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Driving a Vehicle with Rear-Wheel Drive in Snow

Rear-wheel drive isn’t known for performing very well in poor road conditions, but it isn’t impossible or even inherently dangerous. For one, rear-wheel drive vehicles perform much better in snow than they used to, now that traction control systems have … Continue reading

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These Are the Winter Weather Essentials You Should Put in Your Car, Right Now

Now that the temperatures are dropping, and fast, you are probably taking your swimsuit, flip flops, and beach towel out of your car. In their place, don’t forget to stock up on cold weather necessities before winter weather hits. If … Continue reading

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Tips to Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder

Every year around this time, we start to experience less and less daylight. For those people who don’t get up all that early, daylight savings time can decrease that amount of daylight even more. A pronounced and negative emotional response … Continue reading

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Driving in the Snow

Isn’t it wonderful to look out of the window and see a winter wonderland stretching out before you, icy white snowflakes slowly falling to the ground? Sure it is, except when you have to drive through it! Winter driving can … Continue reading

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Take Advantage of Service Coupons & Specials at BMW of Bowling Green

Driving during the winter is not fun; there is no way around it. From the snow build up to the slippery roads to the frosted windows, winter driving can be a hassle. But what if something worse happens, like your … Continue reading

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